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Guest Management Solutions

We work with some of the biggest names in sports and events, developing secure guest-focused solutions. Using a data-driven approach we help organisers strengthen their relationship with their VIPs and guests before, during and after the event, through flexible attributes and planning resulting in both enjoyable and productive participation.

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VIP Guest Invite
and Registration

A flexible and secure digital invite and registration solution developed initially for the VIP gala and sports event sector. Our solution helps you create guest lists using influences and historical data, send ‘Save the Day’ and ‘RSVP’ emails using customisable templates, reserves places whilst assigning new guests to fill available spaces. Segment by company, brand and or sponsor, once the guests have been finalised, through the use of templates and rules, create simple to complex registration emails and micro-sites including travel, accommodation, friends and entourage details. Invite guest to multiple in event functions for example welcome party and gala dinners, as well as creating sub-groups for different invites by languages, guest type, brands, hotel accommodation, room types and even ‘payment’ or 'non-payment' status.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Import and manage multiple guest lists.
  • Segmentation by company, type, custom groups, brands, etc.
  • Import previous events and attendance for future reference.
  • Filter and select by attributes such as nominations, benefactors, influential status.
  • Send Save the Day with RSVP emails that allow for multi-page registration and/or payment forms.
  • For each field, utilise customisable and extended data capture for registration requirements.
  • Build multiple custom invites and mini-sites organised by fields and language.
  • Broadcast and track emails. Track which pages each guest has viewed.
  • Integrate with our event manage solutions or export to CSV.
  • Full reporting tools, including past event data.
Alfred Dunhill Links invite solution Golf tournaments schedule management

Event, Guest and
Schedule Management

We understand that no two events are the same, our customisable, fine-grain VIP and guest management solution has been especially developed over a number of years to accommodate the flexibility required for these types of events. Plan and manage your guest agenda from travel arrangements and accommodation to goodie bay and personal schedules. Use calendar tools to micro-manage in event functions such as red carpet, press junkets and sporting fixtures, identifying and managing double-bookings and clashes across multiple days and concurrent functions. Use the tablet based real-time hostess check-in app for guest-lists, seat number, travel arrangements etc. which can accommodate last minute changes such and integrated with venue security solution. Segment by brand, guest type and sponsor, create custom data as Visa Papers, Goody Bag Contents, Clothing Sizes and Dietary Requirements, our solution is truly flexible.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Organise by company, guest type, brand, sponsor etc.
  • Supports single guests, partners, family groups and entourages.
  • Import and manage multiple guests and events.
  • Pre-select the event resources including: functions, locations, accommodation, travel, etc.
  • Create custom data and filters, for example type of ‘goody bag’, amount to be paid etc.
  • Schedule and manage inter-event functions including level of service.
  • Micro manage timetables for example red carpet, media junkets and sporting fixtures.
  • View timeline to identify guest double booking across multiple days and concurrent functions.
  • Tablet hostess solution for checking-in and assigning level of service, manage by guest or by function.
  • Automation tool pre-populating all the functions that are mandatory for a particular guest.
  • Manage hostess and supporting staff, resources and logistics.
  • Integrate with venue ticketing and access systems, Barcode, QR-codes, RFID, etc.
  • Full reporting tools.
Laureus World Sports Awards Cannes film festival VIP management

Auditorium and
Gala Seating

Plan who sits next to whom, who has clear access to the stage, and the positioning of entourages, security, media and cameramen. Create custom layouts using drag and drop tools for different table shapes and sizes with customise seat numbers, or use our creation services for more complex layouts and auditoriums. Pre-assign by colour-coding tables for specific brands and sponsors, create simple grouping rules for strategic seating arrangements. Start population by dragging and dropping guests, brands and groups, and then further customise on an individual level, adhering to pre-set grouping rules such a friends, family and colleagues. Manage on the night arrangements through our tablet based hostess solution, accommodating last minute table and seating changes.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Supports traditional table seating plans.
  • Flexible layout, including modifiable table size, shapes and seating numbers.
  • Syrox can assist with complex tables, auditorium layouts and chair numbering.
  • Pre-colour chairs and tables for initial brand, corporate and sponsor planning.
  • Create grouping rules for guests based on friends, family, entourage, etc.
  • Drag and drop guests, adhering to pre-set grouping rules, further customise on an individual level.
  • Manage security and media personnel.
  • Standalone or integrate with our event management solution.
  • Full reporting tools.
Auditorium and  gala seating Gala seating planning

Data Planning, Migration
and Bespoke Services

The most successful and influential events are the ones which have been meticulously planned. It’s not just important to invite the right people, but also to make sure the whole experience, from initial communication to final farewell, is pleasant, efficient and hassle free for all involved.

As in all business, data is key. Data transparency helps your event run smoothly with previous-event data helping you to continuously develop and improve your event’s future. When working with clients, a common problem we encounter is the sharing and analysing of data. We find organisers tend to use multiple systems including CRMs, databases and the customary excel sheets - creating infrastructural and data obstacles and bottle necks, ultimately restricting their data’s full potential.

Syrox helps organisers build event-focused data solutions to help potentialise their data and streamline their workflow and operations. Through data consolidation, bringing all your data together under one roof, we can improve your data transparency, accuracy, security and compliancy. Integration via our REST API means your data can be securely shared and validated across a wide range of applications and uses, including:

  • Security and access control,
  • Guests' personal schedules,
  • Resource schedules and logistics,
  • Web and media applications,
  • Accreditation and Validation solutions.

Syrox can help establish a new wave of efficiency allowing budgets to go further, whilst improving your internal workflow and processes.

Data planning, migration and bespoke services

Event, Tournament and Guest Management Solutions


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