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Guest Management Solutions

We understand the complexity required to manage a truly personalised Guest and Sponsor Experience.

Invite, plan and manage your guests, artists and competitors agendas including hospitality, functions, travel, accommodation, stage slots, photo opportunities, media requests and sporting fixtures.

Use calendar tools to manage functions and accommodation, whilst identifying and correcting double-bookings and personal clashes. Highlight security ‘hot spots’ using a combination of guest and location scorecards, whilst evaluating security and parameters.

Media tools to help manage media teams, requests and guest’s media schedules across multiple event functions, including in App guest and media notifications.

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Covid protocols

Create and manage all your Covid protocols across the entire event

  • Guest, Staff and Media track & trace with proximity reporting
  • Restrict guests and staff to designated zones/bubbles through access control
  • Introduce health passports and daily health questionnaires
  • Create guest and competitor testing schedules
  • Data collection and historic analysis, for after the event notifications
Covid protocols


Automate RSVP and complex invitations based on guest parameters

  • Supports multiple invites including Save the Day, RSVP and phase driven registration processes
  • Customisation including multiple languages, branding and look & feel
  • Desktop and mobile compatible
  • Brand, content, language and data capture, based on individual guests attributes
  • Fully configurable registration workflow and data capture, including flow-chart logic
  • Invite and capture any aspect including multiple ‘in event’ functions
  • Password protected, guests can save and edit before submitting
  • Includes desktop and mobile micro-site for personalised event information
  • Full email and registration tracking, helps event managers follow up invitees

Guest App & Website

Secure personalised guest App for agenda, notifications and QR access codes

  • Fully customisable look and feel to reflect brand and event
  • App and website content varies depending on guest’s attributes, category
  • Update content across App and website using CMS
  • Sensitive personal and event info, including agenda secured by password
  • Flexible individual or group SMS/App notifications based guest’s attributes
  • Bluetooth beacon technology for in-event local notifications
  • During and after event questionnaires and feedback forms
  • In App booking and reservations for refreshment seating, entertainment etc.
  • Secure password protected QR code for access control
Guest App and Website

Guest & Event data

Complex and customisable data employing event logic and workflows

  • Admin logo and colourway customisation to reflect event and brand
  • Customisable administration roles, locking down administers to specific tasks and data
  • Add new data fields and workflows attributes using flow-chat logic
  • Supports any number of events, functions, guests and in-event data records
  • Typical extended data includes payment type, clothes size, goodie bag, accessibility etc.
  • Guest document uploads including encryption
  • Guest agenda, seating arrangements, timetables published to secure guest App
  • Supports partners, family groups and entourages with different payment structures
  • Full reporting including discrepancy reports to highlight issues and clashes
  • GDPR, penetration and compliancy tested including fully encrypted data storage if required
Guest and Event data Guest and Event data Guest and Event data

VIP Safety & Security

Manage guest security risks based on personal and location attributes

  • Evaluate guests risk and safety levels based on individuals and function criteria
  • Admin based traffic light indictors highlighting risk levels
  • Determine high risk functions and periods, for security management
  • Manage and control risk through recorded procedure implementation
  • Real time guest, staff and media proximity reporting, check who is in the room
  • Covid protocol management through accreditation and access control


Plan arrival, departure and all your guests’ travel requirements

  • Arrival and Departure, date, time and travel method
  • In event transportation requirements, including return journeys
  • Allocate different size/class limousines based on guest type and group size
  • In field management and allocation using the hostess app
  • Function and guest discrepancy and historical reporting
Transportation Transportation


Manage multiple rooms types across different locations based on guest type

  • Pre-allocate available rooms and room types across multiple hotels
  • Allocate rooms based on guest attributes such as payment type
  • Supports single, group and entourages sharing and allocation
  • Allow over booking with predefined rules
  • Discrepancy reporting for double or non-booking issues

Event Functions

Gala, auditorium & seating plans, red carpet, media & press junkets and parties

  • Invite guests to functions using email invites, requests or VIP management team
  • Supports multiple functions from gala dinners to press conferences
  • Plan and manage table and auditorium seating plans
  • Managed who’s is seated and seat changes in real time through the hostess App
  • Timeline based functions for press junkets, red carpet, photo opportunities, etc.
  • Supports match, game and practice bookings for tournaments and competitors
  • Manage artist’s performance times and slots for festivals and cultural events
  • Booking and reservations for specific functions via Guest App

Hostess App

Tablet based App to manage on site allocations and check-ins across the entire event

  • Add hostess management to any part of the event including functions, red carpet, etc.
  • Manage check-ins for accommodation, attendances, transportation, media, etc.
  • Using for auditorium and gala seating, including arrive and seating time-date stamp
  • Display the level of service booked for single guests or party groups
  • Link guest groups for improved entourage management
  • Time, date and hostess stamp displayed across all Hostess Apps
  • Manage who has arrived and who to expect
  • Access control via badged and Guest App QR scanning
Hostess Hostess

Media Management & App

Manage media requests and create media teams, press conferences and junkets

  • Create, plan and manage numerous press conferences and photo opportunities
  • Supports conferences, one to one and media junkets
  • Create multiple VIP management teams to manage individual requests and schedules
  • Send and receive media request through the accredited Media App
  • Configure media request workflows to best manage guest resources
  • Manage the VIPs’ ROI through media exposure across the event
Media Management Media Management

Accreditation & Access

Staff and media registration, badge management, access control and convid tracking

  • Staff and media accreditation for support staff, journalists, photographers
  • Fully configurable registration workflow and data capture, including flow-chart logic
  • Single or company based accreditation workflows
  • Print staff and media badges or use mobile App base tickets and access codes
  • Customisable badge templates for layout and branding
  • Supports IOC standards for category, role, venue, zone and seating variables
  • Include candidates credentials, photo, QR/Bar code and colour and alphanumeric variables
  • Security App for access control and scanning, displaying candidates details
  • Staff and media App for event info, notifications, access control QR codes
  • Full zone and access tracking for security and covid track and trace

Post Event

Follow up thank you emails and questionnaires, reporting and data analyses

  • Thank you and follow up emails with feedback surveys, photo memento, etc.
  • Data tagging and analysis to help evolve future events and guest lists
  • Duplicate event data attributes and workflow for fast track event setup
  • GDPR compliant data archiving
  • Full reporting through flexible and customs report generator
Post Event

Data Planning, Migration
& Bespoke Services

The most successful and influential events are the ones which have been meticulously planned. Not only is it important to invite the right people, but also to make sure the whole experience, from initial communication to final farewell, is pleasant, efficient and hassle free for all involved.

As in all business data is key. Data transparency helps your event run smoothly with historical data helping you to continuously develop and improve your event’s future. When working with clients, a common problem we encounter is the sharing and analysing of data. We find organisers tend to use multiple systems including CRMs, databases and the customary excel sheets, creating data obstacles and bottle necks, ultimately restricting its full potential.

Syrox helps organisers build event-focused data solutions, potentialising their data whilst streamline their workflow and operations. Through data consolidation, bringing all your data together under one roof, we can improve your data transparency, accuracy, security and compliancy. Integration via our REST API means your data can be securely shared and validated across a wide range of applications and uses, including:

  • Security and access control
  • Guests' personal schedules
  • Resource schedules and logistics
  • Web and media applications
  • Accreditation and Validation solutions
  • Security risk evaluation

Syrox can help establish a new wave of efficiency allowing budgets to go further, whilst improving your internal workflow and processes.

Data planning, migration and bespoke services

Event, Tournament and Guest Management Solutions


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