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As well as event websites Syrox has worked with some of the biggest photo libraries and sporting bodies, developing imaged based applications for consumer and business. Applications included customisable photo based mementos, photo and video syndication and the knowledge database. Clients include, Getty Images, London 2012, The Commonwealth Games, Team GB, England Rugby, World Hockey, FIFA and UEFA.

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Event Websites
and Mobile Apps

Syrox can help you with your event or team’s website, from simple one page micro-sites to complex tournament sites and mobile apps incorporating ticket sales, news and blog updates, real-time news, results or leaderboard feeds, photo galleries and e-commerce merchandise shops. We can help with your content and social media requirements, and provide 24/7 content generation, population and support, either remotely or at the event itself.

Integrating with our Event Management solution, we can extend your website and mobile app to include personalised guest portals with push notifications. This can be a place where a guest can securely log-in and see their personal inventory and any other relevant information. We are currently also working on QR codes for security access, similar to mobile-based airport boarding cards.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Bespoke or white-label branded sites.
  • Display event schedules, visitor information, FAQs, facilities, directions, news, etc.
  • Online ticket sales.
  • Social networking links.
  • Push notifications.
  • Live results and feed updates from CMS admin or a 3rd party API.
  • Live photo galleries via our Image DAM, including the sale of images and merchandise.
  • VIP Guest's secure log-in for personal event schedule and information.
Event websites and mobile apps Event websites and mobile apps

Media Centre and
Image Archive

Syrox’ Digital Asset Management solutions (DAMs) have been the foundation of many successful photo libraries and media centres. DAM solutions, in simple terms, are photo and video libraries which store, index and distribute any number of images and videos through the use of intelligent search tools and workflow rules. All of which helps you to obtain your assets’ full potential whilst improving workflow and business processes.

Using the latest in cloud technology, we have expanded our solutions to included Artificial Intelligence videos and metadata image captioning, as well as Digital Rights Management and an extended Content Delivery Network for video on demand. Compatible with multiple cloud platforms, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, our technology allows you to increase your storage and resource as your library grows.

However, a media centre isn’t all about video and images. Our solutions can be expanded to include news and press release feeds, archives, leader boards and results data - all of which are fully-integrated via our REST API.

  • Full image and video DAM solutions, including video on demand.
  • Scalable cloud-based storage solutions which grows as your image library increases.
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud compatible.
  • Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence video and image captioning and metadata.
  • Digital Rights Management tackling the use of your assets.
  • Bulk upload and editing tools supporting IPTC, ML-G2 and XML metadata.
  • Create feeds and integrate with 3rd party websites via REST API.
  • News articles pushed from CMS, APIs or RSS feeds.
  • Multilingual Press Releases with downloadable PDFs and supporting images.
  • Create syndication feeds for websites and apps.
  • Supports multiple user accesses and roles.
  • Full reporting.
Media centre and image archive Dam Solutions Media centre and image archive Dam Solutions

Event recording and
knowledge Database

Developed in conjunction with one of the world’s largest sports event organiser, our mobile app is designed to manage and record an event’s success through pictorial content for future reference. By photographing predetermined key areas before, during and after events, we create a pictorial history that organisers can use to gauge how successful an event was, specifically by comparing similar images year on year or venue to venue. Typical photos include customer facilities, restrooms, refreshments, branding, advertising, seating, litter collection, queues, disabled facilities, fire and crowd control/security.

Our solution has been developed to be used on personal mobiles, managing each user’s photo list, strategic keywords and location. Pre-event, users are allocated locations, subjects and times with predetermined, strategic keywords and metadata. Users then tick off each photo off their to-do list, whilst feeding into a centralised DAM for reporting, searching and distribution.

  • The app is distributed amongst all staff attending the event, to be used on their personal mobiles.
  • Both Apple IOS and Android mobile phones are supported.
  • Each user is given a predetermined photo list with auto-populating strategic keywords.
  • Users can prebuild build keyword lists that are ready for ingestion.
  • Users take a picture using their phone. The image is tagged with the appropriate keywords and then stored.
  • Photo uploads to centralised DAM can be lock to WIFI only or both WIFI and data.
  • Within the app you can re-edit images and keywords, search the knowledge base and share images between co-workers.
  • Desktop users after logging-in can search for images using filtering over both time and venue for comparisons and share with colleagues.
Event recording and knowledge database solution

Event, Tournament and Guest Management Solutions


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