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Event Management Solutions

We work with some of the biggest names in sports and events, developing event-focused data and image solutions. Our solutions have been used by international events and teams including: London 2012, The Commonwealth Games, The European Games, Team GB, England Rugby, World Hockey, FIFA and UEFA.

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VIP Guest Invite
and Registration

A flexible and secure digital invite and registration solution developed specifically for the VIP gala and sports event sector. With this you can: create guest lists using influences and historical data, send Save the Day and RSVP emails using customisable templates and reserve eventspaces whilst assigning new guests to fill spaces. Once the guest list has been finalised, through the use of templates and rules, you can create simple or complex registration emails and micro-sites that include travel, accommodation, friends or entourage details. You are also able to easily create groups for sub-invites and registration forms organised by languages, guest type, brands, hotel accommodation, room types and even ‘payment’ or 'non-payment' status.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Import and manage multiple guest lists.
  • Segmentation by company, type, custom groups, brands, etc.
  • Import previous events and attendance for future reference.
  • Filter and select by attributes such as nominations, benefactors, influential status.
  • Send Save the Day with RSVP emails that allow for multi-page registration and/or payment forms.
  • For each field, utilise customisable and extended data capture for registration requirements.
  • Build multiple custom invites and mini-sites organised by fields and language.
  • Broadcast and track emails. Track which pages each guest has viewed.
  • Integrate with our event manage solutions or export to CSV.
  • Full reporting tools, including past event data.
Alfred Dunhill Links invite solution Golf tournaments schedule management

Event, Guest and
Schedule Management

Our customisable, fine-grain VIP and guest management solution was developed over a number of years and is used by some of the most prestigious entertainment and sporting events. Help manage all aspects of your event, from travel arrangements and accommodation to personal schedules. Use a calendar-based interface, with auto-population and "drag and drop" functionality, for guest planning, identifying and amending schedule clashes or spotting double-bookings. Manage everything from single guests to entourages. Create custom fields such as Visa Papers, Goody Bag Contents, Clothing Sizes or Dietary Requirements. Schedule sub-events and time slots, including allowance for media interviews, screen time, sporting fixers and awards dinners. Full reporting for resource allocation and logistics.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Organise by company, guest type, customs groups, brands, etc.
  • Supports single guests, partners, family groups and entourages.
  • Import and manage multiple guests and events.
  • Pre-select the event resources including: functions, gala dinners, accommodation, travel, etc.
  • Create custom data and filters, for example "type of ‘goody bag’", amount to be paid etc.
  • Schedule and manage inter-event functions and occasions.
  • Schedule and manage timetables for sporting matches, including practice sessions.
  • Calendar-based interface with "drag and drop" resources and functions.
  • Automation tool pre-populating all the functions that are mandatory for a particular guest.
  • View a guest's timeline to identify any clashes or double booking.
  • Media request tool to help manage interviews and guest time slots efficiently.
  • Manage hostess and supporting staff, resources and logistics.
  • Integrate with venue ticketing and access systems, Barcode, QR-codes, RFID, etc.
  • Full reporting tools.
Laureus World Sports Awards Cannes film festival VIP management

Auditorium and
Gala Seating

Plan who sits next to whom, who has clear access to the stage, and the positioning of security, media and cameramen. Create custom layouts for different table shapes & sizes and customise seat numbers using drag and drop tools - or even use our creation services for more complex layouts and auditoriums. Pre-assign and colour-code areas and tables for companies & brands and create simple grouping rules for strategic seating arrangements. Start population by dragging and dropping guests, brands and groups, and then further customise your plan on the individual level - adhering to your pre-set grouping rules such a friends, family and colleagues. Even changes on the night can be accommodated and managed through the solution.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Supports traditional table seating plans.
  • Flexible layout, including modifiable tables size, shapes and seating numbers.
  • Syrox can assist with complex tables, auditorium layouts and chair numbering.
  • Pre-colour chairs, tables and areas for initial planning of company, groups, brands, etc.
  • Create grouping rules for guests based on friends, family, entourage, etc.
  • Drag and drop guests - adhering to pre-set group rules - onto seating plan. Pull up a guest's detials on hover.
  • Manage security and media personnel.
  • Standalone or integrate with our event management solution.
  • Full reporting tools.
Auditorium and  gala seating Gala seating planning

Data Planning, Migration
and Bespoke Services

The most successful and influential events are the ones which have been meticulously planned. It’s not just important to invite the right people, but also to make sure the whole experience, from initial communication to final farewell, is pleasant, efficient and hassle-free.

As in all business, data is key. Data transparency helps your event run smoothly with previous-event data helping you to continuously develop and improve your event’s future. When working with clients, a common problem we encounter is the sharing and analysing of data. We find organisers tend to use multiple systems - including CRMs, databases and the customary excel sheets - creating infrastructural and data-based obstacles and bottle necks, ultimately restricting their data’s full potential.

Syrox helps organisers build event-focused data solutions to get the best out of their data and to streamline their workflow and operations. Through data consolidation - bringing all your data together under one roof - we can improve your data transparency, accuracy, security and compliancy. Integration via our REST API means your data can be securely shared and validated across a wide range of applications and uses, including:

  • Security and access control,
  • Guests' personal schedules,
  • Resource schedules and logistics,
  • Web and media applications,
  • and Accreditation and Validation solutions.

Syrox can help you to establish a new wave of efficiency that allows budgets to go even further, whilst improving your internal workflow and processes.

Data planning, migration and bespoke services

Event Websites
and Mobile Apps

Syrox can help you with your event or team’s website, from simple one page micro-sites to complex tournament sites and mobile apps that incorporate ticket sales, news or blog updates, real-time news, results or leaderboard feeds, photo galleries and e-commerce merchandise shops. For all your content and social media requirements, we can also provide 24/7 content generation, population and support - either remotely or at the event itself.

Integrating with our Event Management solution, we can extend your website and mobile app to include personalised guest portals with push notifications. This can be a place where a guest can securely log-in and see their personal inventory and any other relevant information. We are currently also working on QR codes for security access, similar to mobile-based airport boarding cards.

  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Bespoke or white-label branded sites.
  • Display event schedules, visitor information, FAQs, facilities, directions, news, etc.
  • Online ticket sales.
  • Social networking links.
  • Push notifications.
  • Live results and feed updates from CMS admin or a 3rd party API.
  • Live photo galleries via our Image DAM. Sale of images and merchandise.
  • VIP Guest's secure log-in for personal event schedule and information.
Event websites and mobile apps Event websites and mobile apps

Spectator App and
Photo Galleries

For larger events and tournaments, Syrox can provide online image galleries and white-label e-commerce sites selling prints and merchandise. We can also arrange the following photography services through our partners:

  • On-site spectator photography - including green screen and corporate hospitality.
  • On-site action photography via our partner’s photographers and/or major photo agencies, including Getty and AP.
  • Sport participants' photos, downloaded free or purchased online via our gallery & app. A gallery can be password protected.
  • Online gallery management, image updating, printing and customer fulfilment.

Past events using these services include London 2012, the Olympic Torch Relay, Glasgow 2014, The FA Cup, England Rugby Internationals & grass roots and the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup.

Our new mobile spectator App has been specifically developed for event sponsors and partners to deepen their engagement with spectators and fans. Based on the concept of the "selfie" or group photo, spectators are encourage to use their phones to take pictures. They can then enter on-site competitions, receive free merchandise, share event-branded images through social networks and send postcards to family and friends. Through the use of flexible promotions, organisers can offer free, or heavily subsidised, postcards and prints to different fan groups and corporations, whilst collecting GDPR compliant data.

  • Publish and sell prints, canvases, postcards and other memorabilia.
  • Syrox’s unique create-your-own collage functionality.
  • Spectator mobile app, branded to reflect the match/event for quick-buy images and push event notifications.
  • Spectator "selfie" function for fans to take photos, upload them and create collages for social sharing and purchase.
  • Store thousands of images in our DAM (Digital Assets Management).
  • Full e-commerce functionality, including orders, invoice and fulfilment management and reporting.
  • Backed-up by Syrox' expertise in e-commerce and customer fulfilment.
  • GDPR compliant.
Spectator app and photo galleries

Media Centre and
Image Archive

Syrox’ Digital Asset Management solutions (DAMs) have been the foundation of many successful photo libraries and media centres. DAM solutions, in simple terms, are photo and video libraries which store, index and distribute any number of images and videos through the use of intelligent search tools and workflow rules. All of which helps you to obtain the assets’ full potential whilst improving workflow and business processes.

Using the latest in cloud technology, we have expanded our solutions to included Artificial Intelligence videos and metadata image captioning, as well as Digital Rights Management and an extended Content Delivery Network for video on demand. Compatible with multiple cloud platforms, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, our technology allows you to increase your storage and resource as your library grows.

However, a media centre isn’t all about video and images. Our solutions can be expended to include news and press release feeds, archives, leaderboards and results data - all of which are fully-integrated via our REST API.

  • Full image and video DAM solutions, including video on demand.
  • Scalable cloud-based storage solutions which grows as your image library increases.
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud compatible.
  • Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence video and image captioning and metadata.
  • Digital Rights Management tackling the use of your assets.
  • Bulk upload and editing tools supporting IPTC, ML-G2 and XML metadata.
  • Create feeds and integrate with 3rd party websites via REST API.
  • News articles pushed from CMS, APIs or RSS feeds.
  • Multilingual Press Releases with downloadable PDFs and supporting images.
  • Create syndication feeds for websites and apps.
  • Supports multiple user accesses and roles.
  • Full reporting.
Media centre and image archive Dam Solutions Media centre and image archive Dam Solutions

Event recording and
knowledge Database

Developed in conjunction with one of the world’s largest sports event organisers, our mobile app is designed to manage and record an event’s success through pictorial content for future reference. By photographing predetermined key areas before, during and after events, we create a pictorial history that organisers can use to gauge how successful an event was - specifically, by comparing similar images year on year or venue to venue. Typical photos include customer facilities, restrooms, refreshments, branding, advertising, seating, litter collection, queues, disabled facilities, fire control and crowd control/security.

Our solution has been developed to be used on personal mobiles, managing each user’s photo list, strategic keywords and location. Pre-event, users are given locations, subjects, times slots and predetermined, strategic keywords for their photos. Users then tick each one off their to-do list, whilst feeding into a centralised DAM for reporting, searching and distribution.

  • The app is distributed amongst all staff attending the event, to be used on their personal mobiles.
  • Both Apple IOS and Android mobile phones are supported.
  • Each user is given a predetermined photo list with auto-populating strategic keywords.
  • Users can prebuild build keyword lists that are ready for ingestion.
  • Users take a picture using their phone. The image is tagged with the appropriate keywords and then stored.
  • After an image has been taken, and during periods of connectivity, images are uploaded and ingested into a centralised DAM.
  • The mobile app lets you re-edit images, search the in-built Knowledge base, and also share images.
  • Desktop users can log-in and search images, filtered by event, venue, facilities, date and scenarios, to be shared with colleagues.
Event recording and knowledge database solution

Event, Tournament and Guest Management Solutions


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